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August 18, 2011
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MLP:FIM - Princess Gaia by DemonKaizoku MLP:FIM - Princess Gaia by DemonKaizoku
UPDATE: I won :iconmlp-fim:'s Sibling Contest!! :love: Thanks so much, everyone! :iconpinkieisexcitedplz:

= = = =

Name: Gaia
Species: Alicorn
Gender: Female
Eyes: Camel
Mane: Dark Spring Green, Apple Green
Coat: Tea green
Coat Outline: Dark Tea Green
Cutie Mark: Pink stylized rose silhouette, with a vine.

Bio: As the middle-oldest of the trio, Princess Gaia takes on the duties of the flora, around all the world of Equestria.
Rumor is said that the events of the "Running of the Leaves" and "Winter Wrap Up" were somehow connected with Princess Gaia. During the earlier days of Equestria, all ponies appreciated Princess Gaia's hard work and effort, for she always gave the ponies all across Equestria healthy harvest of food and fruition. She also keeps the trees, flowers, and all types of plant life radiant, in health. In fact, during such earlier times, there was never a Fall or Winter season. The world always remained without the two existing seasons during her reign of magic and existence. It would always be Spring and also Summer on occassion, in order to keep the rainy times of the year from over dampening the lands.

While Princess Gaia has her staff of guards like Celestia and Luna, hers are only pegasus. Not only do they guard her, but she also has a private, specialized squad called "The Weather Team", that only on some occasions join and aid with her magical work of growth in nature and crops. Gaia is always on a constant schedule of work, nonstop. She awakens and begins her work when Celestia raises the sun, and returns after a day's worth of work to rest, once Luna brings forth the moon. For this, Princess Gaia soon became known as "The Solitary Princess", for she always made her rounds of routine around Equestria, everyday, and did nothing more than this, eat, and rest.

It is also said that only Princess Celestia and Luna, amongst their guards, have been the only ones to have ever seen Princess Gaia, in person. Many ponies believed she just took to a hermit-like kind of living, but this was only due to her constant, everyday work. Most likely long ago, the earlier founding ponies had seen her on the seldom occasion; however, no pony in the present day of Equestria had ever seen her. To most pony populations, for the thousand years or more since the alicorn sisters were mentioned and had begun their rule of reign, some began to believe Princess Gaia was nothing more than an old mare's tale (as any record of her were only in some books). As unfortunate as this could be, out of recognition, this never bothered Gaia. She knew her place of responsibility and knew it to be an important, daily task, for the sake and well-being for all ponies of Equestria.

The early founding ponies were grateful to Gaia's dedication and passion, but some began to wonder if she would ever wear herself out, no matter how powerful her magic was. Brought up from some of their subjects, this would one day be addressed towards Princess Celestia. Many asked if Princess Gaia ever grew tired or could be physically worn and drained, by the end of her day of work. They would express their concern, that for their constant land prosperity, Gaia may perhaps one day become ill or stressed, to where they would begin to lose such a gift of beautiful nature and harvest. While Celestia reassured what were mainly the Earth Pony population, she had been touched by her subject's concerns for her younger sister's well-being. Especially when some even offered to help, if they were given the chance.

For some of the earlier earth ponies stepping up, Celestia would begin a brainstorming process, of what would one day be the traditions of the "Running of the Leaves" and "Winter Wrap Up". With this idea, Celestia would visit her younger sister during one of her days of work and speak with her, about her work and what their subjects had said, concerning her. Despite hearing what her older sister said, Princess Gaia still did not mind the everyday work, for all the ponies in Equestria. Despite being a noble deed, out of a sisterly act, Celestia continued to press her younger sister, in if it were even necessary. After their lengthy discussion, Princess Gaia soon willingly agreed to her older sister's ideas and terms.

In an act of faith to her subjects, Princess Celestia and Gaia would one day hold an announcement, for everypony that could show up. For those who were unable to, word would be spread quickly, to them. On that fateful day, Princess Celestia would decree their help to bring forth the seasons of Autumn and Winter. During these seasons, Princess Gaia would have her chance of rest and recuperation, from her duties. However, this would only work if everypony put their effort and part into it. In order to do so, they had to make the leaves fall during Autumn, and clear all the snow and ice, while also planting their seeds and crops, once Winter came to an end.

Everypony in Equestria and those that heard of this change of law would feel a sense of responsibility and trust from their Princesses, and felt it was their honorable duty, for them. During Autumn, the Earth Ponies would stampede across the earth, to make the autumn leaves fall. When Winter was ready to end, they removed all the snow and melted the ice. They also planted their seeds and crops, for Gaia to help grow, when she came with Spring. Although Gaia's private squad of pegasus had already helped through the use of rainclouds during the occasional times of Spring and Summer, pegasi from other towns and locations soon followed their example. They had also begun to work with the weather clouds, for the seasons of Autumn and Winter, as well.

It is also said that every year, once everypony completed their task of Winter Wrap Up, during the evening they finished, Princess Gaia would fly all across Equestria. With her magic, she would bring all planted crops and seeds to life. This included the trees, grass, flowers, and so forth. Another mare's tale would soon surface. It would be said that if any pony were ever fortunate as to stay up throughout the night of the same day Winter Wrap Up finished, one may have the chance to see Princess Gaia fly across the night sky, and begin the process of growth and complete return of Spring's greenery.

While some ponies still believe Princess Gaia to be an early tale (only at first), most ponies are presently aware of her existence, and are aware that she is seldomly seen. They know of her time of work and rest, and that while it appears like Princess Gaia seems solitary, she is busy or it comes from her resting period. Her reason of rare appearance mainly comes to play, as to why select few ponies still feel she may still be just an old mare's tale.

When it comes to the much dryer locations (such as Appleloosa, or possibly where the Zebras come from), Gaia does what she can with her magic. Such things include keeping the Apple Family's trees and harvests for the Appleloosans healthy, and even putting the extra effort through her private weather team. This would work, by giving as much ample amounts of rainwater as possible, for the dryer locations. Along with this, she would help with the little flora growth they had, as much as she could. Of course, not all desert soil was able to grow as lushly, like most other locations in Equestria. However, with hard work, Gaia believes she could certainly increase the land fruition; though this would require studying the soil and what nutrients it lacked, first. Of course, Gaia did not mind doing this. With her special talent, she has also been intrigued with reading anything involving the earth's substances and potential, geological aspects of it.

= = = =
Extra Details About Princess Gaia

Some say the rose in Princess Gaia's hair came from her first and only love, long ago. Having obviously passed away, she keeps the flower healthily preserved, in memory of him. Out of the three sisters to have had a lover, Princess Gaia would be the only one to have gone through having a foal or two with another, as well as going through the anguish of losing a lover. This is obviously ironic, considering her powers are involved with the fertility of Equestria. The only organic things on her are the flowers in her hair (which she picks out of her own private garden and puts into her mane and tail. She'll change the type of flowers she wears in her hair, for variety), and the vine links connected to her gold breast plate. She will sometimes use her magic to extend the vines she wears, if needed.

While Princess Gaia loves her older sister, she still wonders why she would banish her own little sister to the moon, for one thousand years. She was aware the situation was complex and the state their little sister was in (by becoming Nightmare Moon), but she still wished Princess Celestia could have found another way that wouldn't risk potential, estrange results in their connections, as family. Princess Gaia is also shorter in height, than Princess Celestia. Celestia is about a head taller, than her (minus the horn). As a show of sisterly bond and appreciation towards her older sister, Princess Gaia presented the health and beauty of Princess Celestia's gardens, as well as the wildlife that inhabit her garden. These creatures were slowly brought to Celestia's gardens, little by little. Some were either abandoned, or were in very poor health. Alright with it, Princess Celestia allowed Gaia to bring some of them to her gardens, like a sanctuary, while Gaia had already taken the rest to her gardens. Despite being healed or nurtured, these creatures would still remain within Princess Celestia's gardens.

As a gift for one of her birthdays, Princess Gaia is the one to have presented Celestia the Golden Apple Tree (which Spike mentioned in the first season finale).
= = = =

Some of my friends wondered why I hadn't set Gaia as the eldest sister. This is because of my own opinion: To me, everytime when I saw or heard Princess Celestia in the series, she always looked and seemed so wise and all-knowing. While it's not like Gaia is an idiot or lacks experience, it's this and the fact raising the sun seems more like a cosmic-like talent. Which I think would come before anything earth or flora-related. Again, it's my own opinion. As for Luna still being the youngest? Well, even when Luna was sealed up during her reign as Nightmare Moon, Celestia was still able to take her place, when it came to handling the moon. I'll just leave the rest for you to figure out. ;)

Also, let it be known that Princess Gaia is my OC Blaze's (Link to him here: [link]) Great-great-great-great (...) Grandmother (many more greats attached, of course). So, like Lauren Faust had mentioned, concerning Prince Blueblood and Princess Celestia (Before Amy Keating Rogers verified that Blueblood and Celestia aren't actually related), Blaze and Gaia have the same relationship, and gap between some previous generations. Well, except... again, Gaia would be his Great-Grandmother (again, many greats are attached).
Out of coincidence, I actually thought this to be somewhat amusing. If you had read Blaze's bio: while he loves to help others, he tended to be a bit of a workaholic. Also, Blaze enjoys taking a step out to the outdoors, for scenery, in a relaxing sense. Kinda sounds like Princess Gaia - Wanting to help others with her magic towards the land, but be too busy, all the time. Ironically coincidental, I swear. Coincidence, that made it absolutely perfect. :XD:
I'm also aware that Lauren Faust mentioned that Princess Celestia and Luna never had kids, or those to continue their family line (Not unless someone else on the team took it upon themselves to consider it, but you get the point.), which is why I set it like they were Great-Aunts to Blaze, instead of Grandmothers. And, I'm also aware that I think Lauren Faust also mentioned they had no other siblings, but while this may be canonly true, it may turn out like with Prince Blueblood and Celestia's relations - Lauren Faust said to Blueblood, Celestia was a VERY Great-Aunt, but later, Amy Keating Rogers mentioned they weren't at all related. I'm not on the staff of the series (that'd be awesome, though), but something may happen as the series progresses, where some information may change, like the reveal of another Alicorn, related or not, and the such.
That, and I just felt like adding a sibling. I mean, it's fun to create your own characters. I know for many series, cartoon or anime (out of experience and even through some old friends), creating OCs that are siblings is one of big no-nos to those who despise OCs, with a passion. I mean, I'd at least like to hope I've developed Gaia enough, and that for a series like "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", wouldn't cause some complaint or aimless flamers (then again, I got one from someone on Blaze, but he wasn't even making logical sense, in defense. So, that one wasn't even giving good evidental reason). Also, at least in my own opinion, I can't see there being magical alicorn princess sisters that raise the sun and moon, without having a sister be involved with the lands, or terra, if you will. Also, I just wanted to set a reasonably potential explanation or reason, to sound more realistic/possible.

EDIT 2 (As of 8/19): Now with a background! All day, the blank white background it had before began to bother me. Backgrounds always make things much nicer. :D Also, think of it as the edge of her main location; that behind her and through some woods and greenery is where her castle is. And the ledge she stands near is also where she takes off from, to begin her day of work, all across Equestria.

EDIT: :iconso-awesomeplz: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoooosh ~ I got accepted into the contest! That makes me happy. :) Wish me luck! It'll be my first contest to actually participate in.

Damn. I really wish I could enter this into :iconmlp-fim:'s latest contest. Though, it has to involve parents of Prince Blueblood, like they were sibling to Celestia and Luna (they suggested just for the fun of). Princess Gaia is a portrayed sibling, but because of Amy Keating Rogers mentioning Blueblood not being related to Celestia, I only had Blaze portrayed as being related (while Blueblood actually use to be his cousin, before I saw the information from Amy).
Oh well. You win some, you lose some.


I hope you all like Gaia, either way! Let me know what you think. :)

:iconmattwilson83: My boyfriend, once again helped me with ALL of the coloring (this also means the background, too. But, I did come up with it. Just so you all know - I don't have a tablet, so I was never all that experienced of a computer colorist. Which is a shame, really. DX For lack of, this is why I had help. The entire idea still came from me; my boyfriend just helped to brighten it. :D). Thanks so much! :glomp: *kiss* ~ :heart:
Gaia's shoes were a bit inspired through another I saw, which comes from :iconimmortaltanuki: here: [link]
I tried making it seem different, so hope I succeeded. If it bothers this artist, I'll gladly change them up, if it comes to that.
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kittens4mittens Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Okay, this is the third and LAST time I am saying this today. Your art is very impressive. Your version of Gaia is extremely pretty, but the ORIGINAL Gaia is not. Gaia is from ancient Greek mythology, and is the EXTREMELY evil embodiment of the earth. She was the mother of the evil giants and the evil titans, who ruled the world with cruelty and force before the gods came. I apologize if you find my ranting offensive.
DemonKaizoku Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, far from it. I'm a big fan of Greek mythology. I know all about how bad Gaia was. It was just the name I happened to choose, since the name has much ties with earth itself. Like... how "Terra" does, as well. I knew about the myth's personality, but I chose it for just the name, not for the Goddess from the Greek's actual nature. :nod:
kittens4mittens Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I guessed that. But someone might come along and see one of these pictures and think, "Really? A pony version of that stupid witch?" and then tell everyone about it/share it with looking at the description - like the idiots that most humans are these days...
AduroTri Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I actually have a character very similar to this in the initial concept.

He's the Alicorn of Nature and he's Celestia's lover/mate too.
DemonKaizoku Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh? How interesting. :) Do you have a picture in your gallery?
AduroTri Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I do not. But I will say, his name is Quercus, he has a medium length green mane with a few brown streaks and tips as well as he has a green coat and brown eyes.
CrimsonColt7 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
do you make request ? if you do please make my OC . :puppy-eyes: puppy eyes hidan icon Artimist - Puppy Eyes / teary eyes 
in the thumbnail is my oc. 
Mordecaiser123 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Isn't gaia the one who wants to destroy zeus and the olympians
Ask-ChaoticDiscord Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
And once she is discorded, she shall be known by her new name "Nightmare Rose", one of the greatest villains that Mare-do-Well ever faced as well as one of Discord's most dangerous allies! :dummy:  (( And now you know why I need to stop watching Batman so much xDD ))
ShawnTheZoroark Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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