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Here's the little art and miscellaneous things that I have, so far. ^^;



:WIP: Steven Universe - It's Hug Time by DemonKaizoku
:WIP: Steven Universe - It's Hug Time
Anything can be solved with a hug. Go on, Steven. You know what to do. Redeem the Dorito dork~ :heart:
I was debating closed eyes and Steven's star eyes with a smile/grin and couldn't decide. Which should it be? And should this get colored?

I wanted to sketch this and get this out of my system before the third StevenBomb begins tomorrow. :iconexcitedplz:

oh… oh no

WELL. That failed miserably! *Gets flooded with Peridot-related drawing ideas*

Follow this ask blog. It's both amazing and fuels my deep desires :3 -…
As to avoid spoilers to the tumblr, I posted the link of it to the beginning minus OOC posts, etc. Go back to the main page if you want to see random gem sketches, to future peeks to the ask blog.
Steven Universe - First Practice Sketches by DemonKaizoku
Steven Universe - First Practice Sketches
This is what happens when I've finished everything at my workspace ahead of time and have the free time to do whatever I want (and so happen to be in no mood to do some reading or writing).
I'm driven to practice rough sketching space gems and a full profile of a green space dorito. :3

So yeah. Steven Universe is fucking awesome. Go watch it. You'll realize your life was all wasted until you watch this cartoon.

So, I'm not going to lie. When I first saw Peridot, I felt sort of "meh" about her. She was my favorite color, sure, but I didn't see much background or potential.

And then this happened...…

What did I learn? Not only had I irrevocably fallen for everything to do with the green space dorito as a character and secretly hope for her to have a redemption arc, but that Lapis is so overrated. Come on guys, Peridot is where it's at ~ Sorry, I love Lapis. I really do.

Please, Rebecca. Make Peridot the "Dork Mom" of the Crystal Gems. :3 Or at least the techie on their team.

I'm gonna probably draw more Peridot in the future.
MLP: FIM - Erebus Back 3/4 Profile by DemonKaizoku
MLP: FIM - Erebus Back 3/4 Profile
"Before the magical world of Equestria existed, dwelling within the cosmos and traversing its endless dimensions were three celestial beings. The first was Oriana, mother of all flora and fauna. The second was Chronos, father of time and space. And last but certainly not least was Erebus, father of darkness and blight. It was through the combined forces of cosmic magic between these three that Equestria was first born, titling them as the creators of Equestria and beyond.

Their powers combined served as a trinity of order, and each represented a source of power. Without one in the equation, such a world of magic was incapable of being born, for the power of these three were always meant to work as one. Befitting of their role each represented one of the three stages of life." - Notes of my own for my fanfiction "Shadows Over Equestria"

= = = =

Another piece of MLP:FIM character sketch-related work for a fanfiction still in progress that I've had for a long period of time that I more or less forgot about. :P I had more intended into this picture, but I got lazy and too tired of messing with it (while as well as trying to make the dark magic more show-like). And yes, his horns would also have hints of dark magic around them, too. I was lazy, I said.

Any previous details or pictures tied to the story will be listed below.

Where the Story Will Get Posted…

Pictures & Concepts Tied to my Fanfic "Shadows Over Equestria"…

= = = =
[Rough Draft Design] MLP:FIM - Bring Her to Me... by DemonKaizoku
[Rough Draft Design] MLP:FIM - Bring Her to Me...
Erebus: "... and be sure to bring her back unscathed."

= = = = = = = =

Found this 'lil gem embedded somewhere in my computer. :XD:

This was an early (and very rough) picture idea and concept towards my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction "Shadows Over Equestria" from many upon many months back (which is still in progress, yes.  
" > 3 >) *cough[…

The only thing in this I was involved with was roughing out Princess Luna in a random pose, and the idea as a theme. The only thing I wasn't a part of was the rest of the picture, which at the time I was unable to completely figure out. The idea was up there of course, but it wasn't quite clear for me yet, either.

That's where my good 'ol pal :iconmattwilson83: came in. So while talking and discussing story stuff with him (like I always do, since we both write and like plot stuff) as well I mentioned the picture idea, he roughed it out on his computer. And of course like the boss he is, he hit what I was going for dead on.  B )  Just so we're clear, he was in on this rough, so... credit where it's well due.

I was suppose to finish this picture and redo the whole thing in my way and update the final designs on my end, but I sorta forgot about doing it, let alone finishing it. ^^; Heh he... whoops? I do still plan to try and finish this picture at some point one of these days (as it's meant to represent something to occur in the story sooner or later), but I don't know when I'll be returning to it. I just felt like posting it on here (since I haven't in what, forever? :P) just in case in my "Pony Fanfiction" picture folder. Cuz... it's totally normal for pictures that are towards stories to have *some* rough concepts, right? ;)  Meh, whatever. :lol:

What are those trio of dark, incorporeal pony/horse things, you ask? A very early design idea towards his "minions" that aren't limited to just those three. *coughcoughshadescoughcough* And no, that isn't their final design. It was a very early idea, but it didn't hit the right 'oomph' for me, personally. Oh yes, some explanation involving with Tartarus is in there, somewhere.

Also yes, the thing going on with his eyes is totally dark magic, just in case you were asking. Roughly inspired from something kind of like this:… (but in his own unique flair).

This will either be trashed or in scraps, at some point. Maybe...

Just putting this here, in case anyone is confused or has no idea what this is about or towards... k bye.


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Kacie Vines
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Kacie, and I'm just your average anime fan.

I don't have much of a background. I'm a college student aiming for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in the hopes of going into the business of writing. Though, I'm starting to wonder if I'm in need of changing my degree into an English major now. ^^;

As a nerd, my life is dedicated to anime, cartoons, and video games. I have several nicknames, but you can go by my real name or any part of my deviantArt one. My other hobbies include drawing, reading, roleplaying, and writing (but mostly roleplaying and writing). Along with being a simple cosplayer (when I'm not broke), I'm a shipper.

I once hoped to go into a profession in art, but things became complicated, and I realized maybe such an artistic profession wasn't meant for me to achieve. Through a discovery in my teachers, I realized I had a knack with writing. I think deep down, I felt a bit of something, while I would write. I eventually realized that I enjoyed to do so, let alone come up with enjoyable storytelling and weaving plots. I hope to one day see stories of my own published and on the shelves. Some people seem to think I have the potential, so I can only hope. :)

Writing fanfiction on pairings is a great passion of mine. I have many pairings I'm in love with, from all forms of entertainment, but one of my most favored that always plays as a great inspiration is Naruto & Hinata. Those two both deserve and need each other!

Aside some little art (for fun), I hope to post some fanfiction-related writings on here, too. And I hope you will all enjoy them. :heart:

Pisces idle by Botchan-MLP The Fish by JoltJade Pisces trotting by Botchan-MLP
- creative brony and pegasister - by slawomiro

Ode to Joy

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 7:32 PM
Look at this image below this text and youtube link, while listening to this music: True, old Sailor Moon fans always knew what this music was for. :D
Yes, it totally works. ;)

And it's totally canon now.

Thank you, Kishimoto. Thank you for being a NaruHina (and SasuSaku) shipper. For real, this time.

And on a more humorous note...

CANNOT wait for that last Naruto movie, by the way. Here's to hoping we see some "blossoming moments" that led to bringing NaruHina together like it did in result of the final chapters. :love: Guess I wouldn't mind some SasuSaku, but DEFINITELY NaruHina, please.

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